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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

When Common Sense Isn't So Common

So for those of you who have followed my journey on this blog, you will know that I have had Crohn's disease for most of my life.  In 1994 was when the diagnosis was made upon a visit to emerg where they removed 18 inches of my bowel.  Since that time, I have been lucky enough to live a somewhat normal life, free of the dreaded predisone and other types of meds.  However, 20 years is a very long time to go without any repercussions.

Several months ago I had a colonoscopy which had determined that over time, the area which was resected had strictured to a mere 3 cms.  Which is not very big.  As wide as 3 dimes stacked.  So I have been seeing a very wonderful and knowledgeable gastroenterologist who has gone over several options with me as to how to proceed.  Such a stricture can make digestion well, difficult.  So with that, we determined that I would begin Remicade infusions monthly, so if I have surgery, the healing process will have already begun.

Now comes the fun part.  Remicade isn't cheap.  It's $6,000 a pop.  However, that being said, I have coverage through my work, thank God.  Except they don't want to pay for the drug.  This after I have already had 3 going on 4 infusions.  I have bloodwork done monthly and my inflammation markers have gone down quite a bit since on this drug, so to me, it is working.  Why would you not want to continue this?

Because insurance companies are greedy, heartless bastards that's why.  Companies pay HUGELY into these plans so when people need coverage they have it, right?  Wrong.  They want to cheap out and put me through 3 months of Imuran, which is an immunosuppresant.  It also carries a small risk for developing cancer.  Yeah, that's all I need.....but that's ok, Great West Life.  You just cheap out on my treatments to save a few million dollars.  Perfectly understandable *insert sarcasm*.

So tomorrow I start on the Immuran for the next 3 months.  It's not going to work.  But we have to play the game.  At the expense of my health.  Well played, Great West Life.  Well played.

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