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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the wall.....

Who is the fairest of them all? Oh how I wish it was me.....

Body image is how we perceive ourselves and how we think that others perceive us. It is the age old battle that we wage against ourselves to try and find happiness in our appearance.

Society is largely to blame, in my opinion, for the negative self-images we inflict upon ourselves. We are constantly plagued by advertisements, tv and magazines telling us blatantly (perhaps even subliminally) that we are socially unacceptable unless we have long hair or sleek thighs or a toned midriff. For the average woman like myself, this can be sheer torture. Finding self love is almost impossible. There are many a day that I feel so out of place with society. Embarrassed to exist even.  Being fat sucks.

Since my newfound relationship status in July of last year, I have started to re-enter the world of men and dating. What a scary place. The young, fit, confident me that existed 18 years ago has been buried deep within my core. I now have to deal with finding someone who can look past the physical to get to the real me. This is a very hard pill for me to swallow as I feel so trapped in this big old body of mine that the real me can not shine through. I feel like I am limited in my options of who will want me because in my mind, no man wants a fat chick. It is a double edged sword, if you will. Here I am on one hand preaching that we shouldn't be judged on our appearance and yet here I am judging myself. Anyone have the phone number for a good therapist? Cripes.


  1. Oh Wanda... you hit the nail on the head. We do more damage to ourselves than anyone could possibly do to us.

  2. I love your blog posts! They make me smile and nod my head in agreeance. I feel the same way! My favorite saying is " I am a skinny chick trapped in a fat chick body!" LOL! Keep trucking and keep the inspiration coming!

  3. Another beautiful post!

    Here is a little ritual I started around Thanksgiving last year. Each day as I put lotion on after a shower or while I am washing myself in the shower I say outloud: Body, Body Beautiful. And then I repeat until I am done. I do not have a bikini ready body (far from it) but what this has helped me do is be in touch with my body and myself as a woman. I learned it from a course I took & I was skeptical...but it has made a difference for me.

    I wish you well on your continuing journey & look forward to reading your next post! =)